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Last Update : April, 2022
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B2B / B2C / Services eCommerce Sales Management System for your Day-to-day Business Operations

If you are looking for software to operate and manage your own business process which covers the most expected features for especially B2B/B2C/Services firms then you are at the right place. G2edge Digital Sales Management is the most powerfull solution in terms of features, capabilities, and price.

G2edge Digital cloud platform application software is developed to reduce the cost and to manage your business operation or implementation smoothly. It is flexible to move on your own private web platform or physical computer server so it can personalize and privatize your data completely on-premises.

List of our Services


Your brand is your promise to your customer and our promise to our client's is building a memorable customer experience.

Stratigic Marketing Planning

It takes creativity, experience, skill and intuition to develop a plan.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Updates, Live, Presence, Creative

Web & Mobile Application Development

Custom Development using Microsoft Technology. Unique design & organized codes.

MS SharePoint Administration & Development

Microsoft Office SharePoint are powerful and effective tools that increase collaboration and communication in a shared environment.

Business Setup

Setting up a business in Turkey, India, UAE & Saudi Arabia has been liberalised over the last 2 decades.

Business Analysis & Market Research

In search of Stability, New Techniques & Innovations.

Cloud Administration, Domain & Hosting

Your private business platform and Server